22 December 2017

Our new First Choice ad has arrived and it’s ‘MAHOOOSIVE’


First Choice, a valued travel brand part of the TUI family, takes more than one million customers away on an All Inclusive holiday every year, and is with its own very distinct brand personality.

On December 22nd we launched a multi million pound ad campaign in cinemas nationwide to be followed by a Christmas Day TV debut during The Great British Bake Off.  The campaign will reach nearly 90% of UK adults and reassert its bold, confident character with a fast paced rap music creative.

Our larger than life treatment was brought to life by multi award winning director, Emil Nava, who has worked with an encyclopaedic who’s who of music talent, from Calvin Harris and Rihanna to Ed Sheeran and Beyonce.  Unequivocally positioning First Choice as the undisputed experts in All Inclusive the ad presents the Turner Family as they embrace every aspect of a First Choice All Inclusive holiday quite literally singing – or rapping – its praises.

Nava, was tasked with bringing the concept to life by creating a lavish, hip hop style music video in a First Choice resort.   With more than 150 music videos and a catalogue of commercials under his belt his track record was perfect for the project. The LA based Londoner commented “I wanted it to really look and feel like a video for a number one hit. It needed to exude energy and excitement and the performances needed to bring to life the lyrics and work in sync with the soundtrack. It was actually really exciting for me to get involved on the music side as usually I get given the song and then it’s over me to construct the visual. But on this project I really worked closely with the creative team to get the most out of the music.”

The director is delighted with the end results and feels he has achieved what he set out to. “Creating music videos is a much more free and spontaneous process than filming commercials and I was given free reign to shoot in exactly the way I wanted to. Energy and fluidity are really important to me. With my work it can sometimes be like unleashing a snowball and trying to navigate it as best you can downhill. It’s all about creative momentum, moving things in the right direction but with freedom of movement. We’ve ended up with something really high energy and fun with absolutely amazing performances from a group of people not used to performing like this.”

Jeremy Ellis, TUI UK and Ireland Marketing Director, commented: “We are the only UK travel company which is exclusively All Inclusive. That makes us experts in the field and why we lay claim to the title ‘The Home of All Inclusive’. As the ad lyrics say, people can trust when they holiday with First Choice that they will really ‘go with the know.’ The creative does a fantastic job of highlighting some of our key proof points – brand, value, flexibility and fabulous food in a truly entertaining and memorable way.”

He continued “We are ‘The Grand Maestros of all inclusive’ and we are shouting – or rather rapping – our credentials loudly and proudly. We provide amazing value, serving quality food and drink in amazing properties in stunning locations with no sneaky bills or hidden extras. We offer maximum flexibility, flying out of 22 UK airports and offering a variety of length of stays. Some people don’t want to stay for seven or 14 nights so why should they have to? First Choice is all about fun and embracing life to the full and this ad captures the euphoria we want our customers to experience on our holidays.”

Gavin McGrath, Creative Director at Y&R London explains the thinking behind the rap creative. “Our aim was to create a campaign that tells people who First Choice is, and exactly what the brand does. Essentially, we’re bragging about the product, with all the confidence and swagger you’d expect from the experts in All Inclusive holidays, so rap music felt like the perfect vehicle to do that. Working with one of the world’s top music promo directors was a logical step in bringing our message to life. With “Go Mahoosive with the All Inclusive” we wanted to capture the feeling, the fun, and the excitement of a First Choice All Inclusive holiday, and give the brand a personality that would be hard to ignore.”

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