Actimel | ‘Stay Strong’


The world is undoubtedly in a state of tremendous change. From Brexit to Trump, technology to consumerism, what the world needs is people with positive resilience. Positive resilience defines what you do and how you do it. It gives you the strength to keep going when others start to flag, to reach your goals and kick-ass, to laugh in the face of the challenges you face day in, day out. Actimel believes that positive resilience is an attitude, it helps you to stay strong to move forward.

With this mentality in mind, we launched the “Stay Strong” platform. Our aim was to showcase the resilience of different people, starting with a teacher, a farmer, and finally a road worker, to show how positive resilience can help all of us in our daily lives and how that strength already lives in all of us. We just need a little help to release it – in the form of a small, bottle packed with a punch to help you kick start your mornings. The campaign is running across TV, digital and social, alongside an OOH campaign that contextual to the commute is various cities around the UK and Ireland.

The past year was an incredibly successful business year for the brand. The multi-touchpoint strategy drove higher sales uplift than any Actimel campaign before with 7% sales increase vs 2015 and 15.7% increase in market penetration. The Stay Strong campaign has allowed the brand to drive further relevance amongst its core audience and has driven an uplift in its social following.

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