BBC iPlayer | ‘Discover Amazing’


BBC iPlayer had long been seen as a catch-up service, a place to go you knew what you want to watch. The majority of users didn’t think about the service in the way we intended it to be used – as a place to go whenever you are in the mood to be entertained. There is so much amazing content to discover on the BBC iPlayer, our challenge was to change this misconception and reposition the service an entertainment destination.

We started with a simple truth; when you’ve seen or heard something amazing, you cannot keep it to yourself. Our series of films bring to life those conversations, showcasing the wide ranging content that people have engaged with on BBC iPlayer.

In the first film, a woman dramatically retells a story line from the show she watched last night, stopping right at a cliffhanger. Rather than revealing the end, she encourages the girl to go and discover it herself on the BBC iPlayer. In the second film, a girl sings the first few lines of a song she’s got in her head since hearing it on Charlie Sloth’s BBC Radio 1 show. The final film subtly draws on those moments when we discover new pieces of knowledge in familiar programs. Using the simplicity of a spanner, a bicycle shop owner tries to explain the immensity of the universe and its galaxies to his skeptical colleague.

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