Whilst remaining one of the go to destinations for any fan looking for the latest news and editorial, BBC Sport is starting to be perceived as distant and professorial.  
Our challenge is to drive re-evaluation so that BBC Sport is seen as warm and amiable whilst maintaining its reputation for expertise.

The best opportunity to get this message across was through the nation’s favourite sport: football. Football is ingrained in the fabric of Britain. It touches and affects the lives of committed fans and those with a passing interest alike in ways both profound and trivial. Whilst others may focus on big money transfers and scandal, the BBC understands the very heart of the game. Thanks to the BBC, football is, and always will be, for everyone.

Our “Football is…” campaign reaffirms the BBC’s popularity and inclusivity for all fans ahead of the new football season. The TV and radio spots bring to life the relationship of all types of fans with the beautiful game as well as representing a new, more accessible positioning for football on the BBC. To further ingrain this positioning, “Football is…” editorial and content will be released throughout the 2017/18 football season.

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