Leading short break expert Center Parcs launches integrated advertising campaign called This Is Family, created by VMLY&R. The campaign launches today on TV and will include social, cinema, VoD and Out of Home.

This Is Family celebrates family togetherness, positioning Center Parcs as the perfect destination for people to take the time to be their true self and give each other undivided attention.

At the heart of the campaign are three cinematic films telling the story of a family weekend getaway from three different perspectives: dad, mum, and big sister. As the protagonists swap their roles and constraints of their everyday life for fun and freedom amongst nature, the films show the emotional benefits for each of them.

Two pieces of insight into modern families are at the heart of the campaign:

1. Family time is precious, and most families don’t feel they get enough of it
2. Being surrounded by nature allows people to disconnect with the day to day and to reconnect with their true self and their family

Research shows the often-sad truths of modern life and how it can impact family life: 66% of parents worry they don’t spend enough time playing with their children and only 10% of seven and eight-year-olds walk to school unsupervised today versus 80% in 1971.

Colin Whaley, Sales and Marketing Director at Center Parcs, said: “Family life is a wonderful thing, but there are lots of challenges too. Children are surrounded by boundaries meaning parents must juggle the demands of work, family and social life and often, have to make lots of compromises.”

“We believe Center Parcs can give all family members the time and environment they need to give their family, the very best version of themselves. We want to inspire more families to take the plunge and give a short break with family at Center Parcs a go.”

Mark Roalfe, Chairman at VMLY&R said: “We set out to create a campaign that universally connects with families and aims to make Center Parcs famous for what it does best: family togetherness.”

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