One of the biggest issues for  is citizens who aren’t paying their car tax.  With lost revenue costing the treasury tens of millions per year Y&R London set to creating a campaign that would target the ‘chancers’ avoiding their car tax.  Our challenge was to find a way to intervene and address the misconception that you can skip paying your car tax on time.  To combat it we originated an explicit strapline ‘tax it or lose it’ and developed corresponding ads for radio, print, and video.

For the 30 second radio ad the focus was designed specifically to remind car owners to ‘tax it or lose it’ and show that whether they are from East Ham driving a van or behind the wheel of an SUV in Sutton on Sea, the DVLA will find you! The voiceover states that the DVLA has the records of over 37 million cars and are currently clamping or impounding over 10,000 untaxed cars every month.

For VOD, print, digital display and a 360 degree social campaign we developed creative assets featuring a car seemingly blending into its background, but which has been clamped with the recognisable yellow clamp.

The hand-painted car, was the work of renowned artist Carmel Said, whose skill is painting objects to camouflage into their background.

Jon Burley, chief creative officer at Y&R London commented: “By hiding a car in plain sight, we wanted to demonstrate that no one is able to hide when it comes to not taxing their car. The campaign targets those who think that they can get away with it, while in reality the DVLA will find you and will clamp you.

The campaign initially launched on 4th November, 2017 with radio ads running on channels such as Capital, Heart and Jazz FM with print appearing in The Sun, Sun on Sunday, The Times, Sunday Times, Evening Standard and Metro. The social campaign subsequently opened on both Instagram and Facebook, with Facebook hosting the 360 degree creative.

As the newly retained creative agency of record for Department for Transport we look forward to realising the impact of this campaign and those to follow.

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