Home Office | ‘Disrespect Nobody’


Violence against women and girls is an incredibly serious issue, creating scars of physical and emotional damage that girls who suffer from sexual or relationship abuse have to bear as teens and later in life. The Home Office tasked us to help prevent violence against women & girls by building a campaign that championed positive relationships of mutual respect.

We developed a new brand and creative vehicle, Disrespect NoBody, to deliver this idea through disembodied puppet body parts that are involved in the varying forms of abuse. By creating a negative space where the body should be, we forced the audience to mentally correct this visual, guided by our line: ‘there’s a person attached to every body, respect both.’

This approach, the use of double negative and a ‘weird funny’ tone allowed us to deliver relatively straight messages without them feeling like a lecture from an authority figure and provided a platform to tackle a variety of issues across relevant channels from VOD to Snapchat. As a result of the campaign, 75% of those exposed to it said they know more about the issues covered while 30% of them said that it changed the way they behave in relationships.

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