Made By Dyslexia | ‘Dyslexic Sperm Bank’

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In 2017, the world still thinks dyslexia is a disadvantage. It’s not. From Albert Einstein to Henry Ford, John Lennon to Steve Jobs, dyslexics have made the modern world.

Made By Dyslexia is a global charity led by successful dyslexics. Their purpose is the help the world properly understand and support dyslexia.

To launch Made By Dyslexia and change perceptions of dyslexia, we opened the world’s first Dyslexic Sperm Bank in central London. The pop-up sperm bank educated people about the dyslexic mind’s ability to process information in unique divergent and lateral ways. A dyslexia expert at the sperm bank promoted the advantages of being dyslexic and celebrated the vast array of history’s successful dyslexics. Successful dyslexic Richard Branson unveiled the Sperm Bank at our launch event.

The story was covered by news outlets across the globe, from BBC News to ITV’s Good Morning Britain and BBC Radio 4’s Today Program. In just three days it reached 77 million people worldwide and positive mentions of dyslexia increased by 66%.

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