Marks & Spencer | ‘Mrs Claus’


Across Britain, Christmas has become the Superbowl of UK advertising. Every brand, on and off the high street, launches an advert celebrating christmas and hawking their goods. But Christmas is still a very special time of year and we wanted to go deeper, to create an emotional connection between M&S and their core customer – women.

We knew that we needed something that was both reflective of our target audience, but also aspirational. And we didn’t have to look far into the Christmas narrative to find our answer.

We created a Mrs Claus for the 21st century. Neither frumpy nor sexualised, our Mrs Claus was a badass – an empowered, helicopter-flying, erotica-reading, super stylish 55-year-old woman who single handedly saved Christmas.

We brought Mrs Claus to life through M&S’s most immersive campaign to date. This included social media takeovers featuring her own emoji and the hashtag #LoveMrsClaus, outfit and gift inspiration both in-store and in editorial, a partnership with Channel 4, and a social promotion that saw her give away 15,000 presents to customers.

2016 was M&S’s most successful Christmas campaign ever, helping their quarterly sales grow by 2.3% – their best Christmas results for six years. Our completely original soundtrack reached #1 on the iTunes Classical chart and the campaign hashtag trended on Twitter during November and December. Mrs Claus even began to change the cultural norms of Christmas, inspiring thousands of children to write to her instead of Father Christmas.

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