Wimbledon has been a summer sport staple on the BBC since the start of its 90 yearlong partnership. Despite this, not many know that the BBC has unprecedented coverage of Wimbledon – from 15 live streams across all devices to a dedicated Wimbledon page online and on the BBC Sport app. So how do you get the nation excited about and introduce them to Wimbledon 2017 on the BBC?

This summer the BBC is switching Wimbledon ON. We created a campaign that follows a maverick tennis ball as it travels across the length and breadth of the nation, from the mountains in Scotland to the shores of Northern Ireland, switching WimbledON. On its journey, it turns a sprinkler, an ice cream van, Dr Who’s phonebox and many more things on to Wimbledon. Fast paced, dynamic and modern, the film takes the conventions of Wimbledon and turns them on their head.

The campaign continues on Instagram Stories, letting audiences relive quintessential Wimbledon moments from on and off centre court. Everything from tennis pioneer Serena Williams’ epic career, to style icons Björn Borg and Roger Federer with his 2003 ponytail hairstyle, to the court side celebrity fans like Kate Middleton and David Beckham.

The campaign was incredibly successful with viewership of the tournament on the rise. More results to come!

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